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La mort mystérieuse de Nina Chéreau

La mort mystérieuse de Nina Chéreau 1988

imdb 4.2 77

A young psychiatrist tries to help a young woman in an asylum who has been accused of having killed a teenage girl. But when she escapes and he goes after her, he finds himself involved in a mystery far greater than simply a woman thought to be insane. And the more he finds out about her, and her relationship to a mother who no longer will have anything to do with her, the more he finds that he is dealing with something terribly unnatural... which leads to a final resolution and revelation that makes the film not only unpredictable, but haunting as well.

Runtime: 98
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery
Starts: Maud Adams, Scott Renderer, Alexandra Stewart, László Szabó
Director: Dennis Berry

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