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The Wisher

The Wisher 2002

imdb 4.3 1583

In a small town, the teenager Mary is obsessed and addicted with horror movies. Further, she is sleepwalker, has frequent nightmares and her father has forbidden her to watch horror movies. However, when the top at the box office "The Wisher" is screened in her town, she goes to the movie theater with her two best friends, Debbie and Kara, and leaves the session before the end, vomiting and impressed with the scary story. Mary notes that her wishes comes true wounding people and she sees the character The Wisher stalking her everywhere.

Runtime: 90
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Starts: Ron Silver, Liane Balaban, Drew Lachey, Siri Baruc
Director: Gavin Wilding

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