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Live or Let Die

Live or Let Die 2020

imdb 7.2 9

Through an outbreak of a virus the human race has come near to extinction. Zombies walk among the land and hunt the living. Lone wolf Nick finds an old diary that contains a map, his last chance for hope to a safer sanctuary. After a bloody encounter with reckless John both get together and wander through the destroyed land. Day after day it's a hard fight of survival for their own lives and after they encounter a group of brutal thugs, murderers, and thieves, things get out of control. Quickly the two realize that one thing is clear: Among the dead, the survivors develop into an even greater threat.

Runtime: 101
Genres: Drama, Horror
Starts: Jan Bohlenschmidt, Kai Erfurt, Manuel Urbaneck, Anna Eversheim, Steven Mooers, Sven Glowatzki, Alona Hertha
Director: Manuel Urbaneck

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