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Midnight Bayou

Midnight Bayou 2009

imdb 5.9 1252

Silver spoon Boston lawyer Declan Fitzpatrick fell in instant love with a Louisiana bayou 'haunted' estate when he drove by with college friends. Now he learns it's on sale and rushes to the rather destitute owner, old Odette Simone. She lives in a cabin nearby and makes sure he gets to meet her orphaned granddaughter, headstrong restaurateur Lena. The youngsters sort of fall in love, but the estate's bloody slavery days past, including fratricide and infanticide, comes to weigh heavily, even in ghostly fashions.

Runtime: 91
Genres: Romance, Drama, Mystery
Starts: Jerry O'Connell, Lauren Stamile, Isabella Hofmann, Alan Ritchson
Director: Ralph Hemecker

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