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Barely Dreaming

Barely Dreaming 2021

When fiction novelist Adrian Aytese falls terminally ill, he lets his sister Paige in on a secret book he scripted in a journal. The book details his exhaustive search for a mysterious lady of his past dreams. A special sand given to him by his elder friend Bud is intended to help Adrian sleep more peacefully, but instead, Adrian's dreams and realities begin to lose boundaries as his darkest fears and happiest memories collide. As Paige delves deeper, she realizes that the book may not be as fictional as she thought - and Bud may not be who she thinks he is.

Runtime: 76
Genres: Drama, Fantasy
Starts: Chris Robinson, Tori Glawe Osborn, Michael Jason Allen, Jessica Y. Martin, Rhett Ashley Crosby, Jennifer E. Rio, Jacquie Shane, Christine Manola, Chloe D. Macleod, Thomas L. Allen, Adam Voyles, Terrance Roundtree, Christopher A. Roden, James Luong, Diana Brest, Haley Tibbs, Kip Rosser
Director: Michael Jason Allen

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