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Grey Wolf: Hitler's Escape to Argentina

Grey Wolf: Hitler's Escape to Argentina 2012

imdb 5.6 214

This is a dramatization of supposed real events - the untold story of Adolf Hitler's escape to Argentina at the end of WW2. Based on interviews with eye witnesses in Argentina and years of detailed research, the film covers events from Hitler's escape by air from the ruins of Berlin on April 28th, 1945, to Fuerteventura on the Canary Islands and then by U-boat to Argentina where he died tormented, demented and betrayed at a small house, 'La Clara' 45 miles from San Carlos De Bariloche in the Argentine Andes, at 3pm on February 13th, 1962.

Runtime: 90
Genres: Drama
Starts: Dante Venesio, Maria Heller, Pietro Gian, Alexia Moyano
Director: Gerrard Williams

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